The Natural Way To A Tight, Healthy & Sensual Vagina

"I am still wondering how it works, how does it pleasure me so much?"

- Josefine Linn

"I'm very happy with my Yoni wand. I use it nearly every day. It increased my sensitivity and I'm able to orgasm much harder during sex. Thank you for making this product!"

- Ashly Griffith

“After the birth of my son, my vagina had become quite loose... So I gave it a try and did my Yoni Egg Exercises for 4 Weeks every day. Now my husband always tells me how tight I feel during sex." :)

- Linda Valentina

" I feel so present, positive and energized since I use my Yoni Egg. It helped me to heal myself with love, awareness and pure consciousness.

- Gina Rose

"Bought the wand for my girlfriend and so far, she is a big fan. There are some benefits for me either. But I’ll keep that to your imagination."

- Mike O'Neil

The Ancient Secret History

Using a “Jade Eggs”, or “Yoni Eggs” (sacred space egg) to strengthen  the pelvic floor muscles is an ancient Chinese, Taoist practice. Legend says the secret was kept in the Royal Palace and taught only to the queen and mistresses of the most powerful nobles.

 It was believed that women who mastered the Jade Egg techniques would maintain their youthful beauty, vitality, sexuality, and husbands as they matured into old age.

Enhance Orgasms, Increase Sex Drive, Tighten Vagina

Most women have a weak vagina and don’t even know it!

That’s why so many women can’t orgasm during sex from penetration alone. Tightening your vaginal walls can drastically improve your sex life, leading to more intense pleasure, stronger orgasms and leaving you feeling happier and healthier! Customers saw an increase in the pelvic floor muscle strength by 56 percent already after 4 days!!! Over and over studies have shown that stronger PC muscles intensify your orgasms and increase vaginal lubrication! Your soul mate will love feeling your strong Yoni firmly gripping around his masculinity.

Increase Your Happiness & Overall Well-Being

Strengthen the Intimacy in Your Relationship

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Pregnancy - Preparation & Recovery

A strong pelvic floor is a pregnant future mom’s best friend. When your PC muscles are strong, it can give the support you need to your organs, preventing issues such as vaginal prolapse, incontinence, and weakness during delivery. 

After childbirth, many women feel that the vagina is stretched out. The feeling in the vagina can also decrease, which can lead to reduced sexual pleasure. The training with a yoni egg after childbirth helps you toning your vagina and brings back the elasticity and sensitivity you deserve.

Start Your Journey NOW!

In today's world, it’s hard to make time for the things that REALLY matter... Things like intimacy, love, connection, pleasure and spiritual growth. It all starts in the one moment you make the decision to change your life!

Choose your Lovestone now

Heal your Mind, Body & Soul Holistically

Healing with crystals has always been a part of Indian Ayurvedic Medicine Traditions as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. These traditions are over 5000 years old. Nowadays this form of energy healing is not only embraced by large numbers of women around the globe, it has excited the interest of many physicians and medical researchers.

On a microscopic level, a crystal is a network of repeating geometric patterns made up of compressed ions, atoms and molecules. Since crystals vibrate and emit pure vibrations at constant rates, they influence the energy body that carries out life force. This life force is particularly focused on energy centers called Chakras. Yoni Eggs cleanse, energize and align the Chakras and bring you greater health & a sense of well-being. 

They can be used to help eliminate distortions and restore proper balance within ourselves, removing blockages, leading to better overall physical, mental and spiritual health and overall happiness.

Start Your Practice Today and Enjoy The Scientifically Proven Benefits of Using a Yoni Egg

Overall Benefits

- Increase Libido and Awaken your Sensuality.

- Increase Natural Lubrication, even after Menopause.

- Balance Estrogen Levels.

- Tighten the Vaginal Walls.

- Awakens the Tissues, Organs, and Muscles, Promotes New Nerve Growth, and Increases Overall Sensitivity.

- Enhance your Tantra, Qigong, and Yoga Practice.

- Experience STRONGER Orgasms and Intensify Sexual Pleasure.

- Vaginal Orgasms: Become Vaginal Orgasmic.

- Heal Emotional Trauma and Release Stress.

- Overcome some Issues with Infertility.

- Easier Childbirth with less Tearing of the Tissue.

- After Birth: Repair Damaged Nerve Endings, Speed up Recovery, Tighten Vagina.

- Strengthen your Pelvic Foor.

- Prevent Incontinence and Prolapse.

- Higher Sensations for your Lover. Increase Intimacy.

- Reduced PMS, Menstrual Cramps and the Duration of your Menses.

- Expand your Consciousness.

- Improve Overall Health and Well-Being.

Awaken to a Life Full of Sexual Energy and Pleasure

The Momenent to change your life IS now