How to Use a Yoni Egg: The Top 10 Best Exercises to Tighten YOUR Vagina!

To get the benefits of the Yoni egg practice, it is important to work with the egg on a regular basis. Research says we can establish a new habit in our lives after 4-5 weeks. So make sure that you stick to your Yoni egg habit for at least four weeks to have all the positive effects we have talked about, and establish a stable habit.


  1. Yoni Egg Workout: Kegel Exercises

Doing your Kegels correctly is vital when working with your yoni egg.  You first want to make sure you are contracting the correct muscles, to do so, contract your pelvic muscles without flexing your abdomen, thighs or buttocks.  Your pelvic floor muscles are like a hammock that hold all your womb parts up and in place.  If you are having a hard time trying to find your kegel muscles, try laying on your back or try using the restroom and stopping your urine midstream.  Make sure not to hold your breath, you should be able to breathe through your contractions.

  • Insert the Yoni Egg. Start by contracting and hold for 5 seconds then relax. Once you are able to hold for 5 seconds try longer intervals of 10-15 seconds. Repeat contractions for 5 minutes a session.
  • Contract and hold for 1 second then relax. Continue the 1-second intervals for 5-minute sessions.


  1. Vaginal Weightlifting

Vaginal Weight Lifting. Some women also practice weight lifting with the egg. This is a powerful way to train not only the Yoni but also the areas around it. The process of vaginal weightlifting is the exact same concept of doing your kegel exercises, except you have added weight/resistance. Attach the weight to your yoni egg with a heavy-duty string like hemp, or dental floss. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, insert your yoni egg and hold on to the weight with your hand until the yoni egg is tucked away inside of you. Next, gently release the weight so it's hanging in between your legs. Start your Kegel Contractions by lifting and squeezing your pelvic floor, use your vagina, perineum, and anus at the same time.

Warning: Do not use heavy weights as it could strain your pelvic floor muscles.  We recommend using another yoni egg as a weight or something no more than 5oz.


  1. Yoni Yoga

You can use the egg while doing Yoga. There might also be a Yoni egg yoga classes in your city.  A connection of the physical, mental and spiritual exercises with an emphasis on the pelvic floor.  Use your yoni egg while contracting and releasing your pelvic floor muscles at the same time you practice pelvis focused yoga moves. During each yoga pose, concentrate on deep controlled breathing while making a conscious connection with your womb space.  Yoni Yoga is used to strengthen, heal and promote a healthy womb space for every stage of womanhood. 


  1. Wearing Your Yoni Egg For A Longer Period

The way you wear your egg will depend on your goals with Yoni Eggs and the strength of your womb. You may need to hold it in or may be able to relax. Just wearing your egg and relaxing will bring you results because your muscles will be worked by the weight of the egg alone. The egg causes your vagina to lengthen, pushing the cervix and uterus back up into the appropriate position. Holding the weight of the egg up in this position strengthens all the muscles of the vagina and pelvic cavity. Exercises tone your womb much more effectively than simply relaxing, they also build sensitivity and awareness that allows advanced manipulation of the Yoni muscles. Squeezing your egg periodically throughout the day is a simple and convenient exercise you can do anywhere anytime.


  1. Decrease The Sizes

For the best results from your exercises, start with the largest size egg you are comfortable with first and size down as you build strength, sensitivity and tightness.


  1. Multiple Yoni Eggs At Once

Try to wear multiple Yoni Eggs at once, moving each one independently with our Yoni muscles. You learn how to focus your pressure and move your muscles specifically.


  1. Birthing Your Yoni Egg

Pushing our egg out mimics natural childbirth, strengthening us physically and ceremoniously honoring our personal transformation. Many women can push out eggs with great ease, while others will be challenged. Thousands of women across the world, for thousands of years, have worn Yoni Eggs and successfully birthed them. To birth, your egg, the most important thing to do is relax. A lot of women have shared that they were afraid the first time they birthed an egg. Never worry. Tense muscles will hold the egg in rather than allowing it to work its way down the birth canal. This is also true during childbirth.


  1. Work, Household & Gym…

Do this is Exercise during a busy week. In case you don’t have the time to do all those practices mentioned above you can simply insert the egg while you are cleaning your house or when you are at work or at the gym. You can embrace your Yoni Egg consciously by holding tight and releasing your vagina muscles whenever you remember, or you can just forget about it all together. Just wear it for fun.


  1. Yoni Massages

Have you ever had a Yoni massage? The Yoni egg can also be part of this beautiful practice.


  1. Yoni Egg Bath

A sacred feminine ritual is bath time. This is an ideal time to practice isolating lady muscles using a small Jade Egg. After warming the egg in the bath water, lie back and close your eyes. Allow your yoni to sip in your egg. Bring awareness to the muscles of your yoni around the opening, the middle and up close to the cervix. Practice squeezing and releasing your yoni’s muscles and see if it’s possible to move the egg up and down the vaginal canal.


  1. BONUS: Sexy Times

You can use the Yoni Egg before and during playtime in the bedroom. That gorgeous guy you’ve had your eye on finally asked you out. Be a bit fisty and wear it during the date. It will get you as excited as him. Feeling the positive vibrations of the Yoni Egg inside your body during these moments of deep connection can greatly enhance the energetic sensation between you and your lover.

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